Our restructuring and advisory team have the expertise to assist during times of financial difficulties, with a focus on assessing, stabilising and recovering business viability, and reducing the severity of financial fallout.


With our expertise and tailored restructuring strategies, we will lead you through challenging periods of financial uncertainty. Our focus is to assist our clients to avoid business failures and to protect and enhance value.

In the toughest of financial times, when it feels like there are no options, we can help. We understand the complexities faced by a business under financial distress and pressure and in close collaboration with stakeholders, we will define objectives, explore options, and implement tailored strategies and solutions to restore stability to those threatened by operational or financial difficulties.

corporate advisory

Safe Harbour advisory

Members’ Voluntary Liquidations (Solvent Companies)

Viability analysis

Independent business reviews

Forecast preparation and assessments

Strategic, financial and operational restructures

Options analysis and scenario reports

Informal arrangements, negotiations and debt settlements


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