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GT Advisory & Consulting work with businesses across all stages of the business cycle by developing solutions to drive business turnaround, refocus strategic direction and fine tune business performance.

Drawing on our in-depth industry expertise, we develop strategies which assist businesses navigate a diverse range of commercial challenges, by:

  • developing in-depth restructuring and turnaround plans for businesses facing financial uncertainty;
  • implementing performance improvement strategies to optimise business profitability and efficiency; and
  • where necessary, assist businesses through the corporate insolvency processes such as voluntary administration and liquidation.


Our restructuring strategies are designed to equip directors and management teams with the information they need to make informed business decisions which maximise value for stakeholders and give businesses their best chance of survival.

Through our proactive and hands-on approach, we:

  • Work with management to explore potential turnaround and business improvement strategies;
  • Consider the organisation’s strategic business units, key products and services, key staff, suppliers and customers and explore possible divestment and wind-down strategies;
  • Provide advice to assist management execute value-maximising restructures; and
  • Where necessary, assist management prepare the business for a formal insolvency procedure which may involve implementing mechanisms to minimise disruption to the operations of the business.

Operating within the confines of a strict legal and regulatory framework, we provide decision makers with carefully considered advice so that strategies can be executed with confidence.


We work with underperforming businesses and businesses facing financial distress to formulate turnaround and business improvement strategies which are designed to refocus the business’ strategic direction on revenue maximising activities, and return businesses to profitability.

As an agile advisory firm, we are able to assist management by:

  • Assessing the business’ financial position and identifying the levers and key drivers of financial performance;
  • Developing liquidity forecasts and advising on cash flow improvement strategies;
  • Conducting customer segmentation and profitability analysis; and
  • Developing strategies to maximise revenue, streamline processes and optimise the cost structure of the business.

We take the time to properly understand the business and provide management with the necessary tools to drive financial turnaround and restore business value.


GT Advisory & Consulting also specialises in insolvency and business recovery, including assisting companies with the corporate insolvency processes such as voluntary administration and liquidation, and helping individuals with the personal insolvency process, which can include applying for bankruptcy or facilitating a formal offer to creditors through a personal insolvency agreement.

Insolvency is a complex area of accounting where an understanding of effective strategies is essential for achieving the best outcomes. At GT Advisory & Consulting, we have the specialist expertise that is required when dealing with distressed assets, individuals and businesses. We  deliver commercial and innovative solutions on each engagement, working with all stakeholders to clearly understand objectives and to implement a strategy that will maximise returns and achieve the best possible outcome for all parties.


Early intervention is always key. Businesses facing challenging operating conditions should seek prompt, specialist advice to reduce the risks and consequences of financial failure and increase the options available to the business.

For any specific or general queries regarding your business, or to discuss the restructuring options available, please get in touch with one of our qualified and experienced experts.


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